The team at PGM understand one of the biggest frustrations as a hiring manager is time spent reviewing cv’s and conducting interviews with candidates who are the completely wrong fit. We also know that a third of businesses make an immediate decision on whether to hire in 90 seconds.

We have a Solution.

Our dynamic software allows us to eliminate unnecessary first stage interviews and cut the time to hire by almost half. We can introduce candidates to clients virtually by conducting short face-face screening interviews using questions specified by the client. The recordings are then sent directly to the hiring manager.

This essentially saves the manager time and allows them to make a more informed decision as to who to bring in for a face to face interview


We can provide a branded online ATS tool to allow our clients to view candidate profiles, video interviews and cv’s. You can also arrange interviews and track the complete recruitment process all in one place.

Time spent organising and tracking recruitment is one of the largest costs involved in the recruitment process. By using our ATS tool we can simplify the process and reduce the operational costs involved.